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Application Phase

With the publication of the guidance document ISO 26000, in November 2010, the application phase can start. Since a “guidance standard” is a new type of ISO publication, it may not be perfectly understood, at the beginning.

This site may help fostering that ISO 26000 is correctly understood, that its use becomes the greatest possible success, and that potential cases of misuse can be avoided as far as possible.


- Article on “ISO 26000 applicability”, January 2011: this article describes the characteristics of social responsibility (dynamics, creativity), addresses non-certification, and deliberates on how to use ISO 26000.

Slides “Correct use of ISO 26000

- Slides “Correct use of ISO 26000, Norwegian edition

- ISO 26000 User Guide
- Misconceptions and misuse


Slides “Correct use of ISO 26000”

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Please click here to download them.

Slides “Correct use of ISO 26000, Norwegian edition”
You be interested to download them.

ISO 26000 User Guide
This guide is available separately. Please go to this page.

Misconceptions and misuse
Information is accessible on an extra page and my help avoiding further cases of misconception and misuse.




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